Four Stories EP

by The Soft City

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Four track EP, 2011. Released by Calico Cat. CAL002


released February 12, 2012

All songs were written by Philip J. Sutton except Plane in the Sky, which was written by Jason Corace. Copyright control. Recorded and mixed by Gary Olson at Marlborough Farms, Summer 2010. Mastered by Graeme Wilson, London, Fall 2010. The Soft City on this recording are Dora Lubin: vocals, Jason Corace: rhythm and lead guitars, Turner Stough: bass, Kyle Forester: keyboards and lead guitars, and Philip J. Sutton: drums and guitar.



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The Soft City New York, New York

The Soft City were a band from New York City: Dora Lubin, Phil Sutton, Jason Corace, with various others: Kyle Forester, Turner Stough, and live, Lisa Goldstein, and Andy Adler. They recorded for Calico Cat, and made an LP and an EP.

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Track Name: Dear Claire
Calling you up. You’re still in bed oh please why you can’t you get up? I’m on my own today. You’re drifting away on a sea of pills and booze. I wish that you would change and come alive for me. I need your friendship please. And the bones they rattle inside, inside my head and the words come slowly. Please try to help me friend, oh I need you, Dear Claire how I need you. Give me a light. I wish you would come outside, there’s no one to see the way that you have changed. I wish I could say the things you need to hear. I should just stay and comfort you today. I don’t know what to say.
Track Name: Buttoned Up
Look at you buttoned up, what have you got to hide? Who’s hiding inside? Is it me, is it you who’s trying to be cool? Oh, why do we try? Baby, don’t hang back. Why are you so afraid? Here we sit on our own. Nobody wants to say what they really think. Is it me, is it you? I wish that you would speak to me, I’d sing. Why don’t we go home? Why are you so afraid? We can waste another hour looking at the waves. I can tell you I was wrong and promise that I will change. Oh yeah promise that I will…
Track Name: Plane in the Sky
Lost without a sound and standing on the edge of town, the lights shut off again. Toward the plane in the sky your eyes signaled another long and lost goodbye. Cause there we go again. Allison once spoke and she said we were friends. But the nights were hers and the days were mine so the problems could never work out right. For us, the days were too long with every night another heart to fall upon. Those broken knees skinned to the bone it was just your way to say again we’re all alone. For us... The iron eagles in the ocean like stars were burnt out against the sky. Like lies told straight for a devotion like eyes were cast down and passed by.
Track Name: Let Me On Board
A sudden blow and you’re gone. Where to? One last flicker then goodbye. Everything I depended on is gone. Let me on board. Let me be the one you hold at night. It’s not the same. It hurts that way. But that’s OK. I met you in the first flush of youth. I gave you everything I had. Now you’ve left, it’s so sudden I’m bereft.